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Spring/Summer Hockey Programs

Welcome to the Spring and Summer Program – Fury Performance Training!

In advance of tryouts, the Spring Program is open registration.  All registrations must be approved by the Level Director for participation.  The Summer session will be Invite only.  Players chosen for the 2021-22 Season are all eligible to participate in the Summer Program.   A limited number of additional invites will be sent out as well. 

Many parents have questions regarding training young athletes at this level.  In fact, Peewees are at a desirable age to learn movement patterns that will give them advantages later in life.  One of the most common questions we get here at FPT is whether it is safe for children this age to be training.  The same recommendation that we used in the decade of the 90's is still accepted today:

“Despite outdated concerns regarding the safety or effectiveness of youth resistance training, scientific evidence and clinical impressions indicate that youth resistance training has the potential to offer observable health and fitness value to children and adolescents, provided that appropriate training guidelines are followed and qualified instruction is available.”

J Strength Cond Res. 2009 Aug;23(5 Suppl):S60-79


Everything we provide at FPT is age appropriate and experience specific. Training at this level also provides confidence to the athletes. – a valuable attribute for hockey on and off the ice.